Notre modèle | Domaines d’intervention | International

The business model of the firm, entirely focused on the creation of added value for its clients, is based on a direct involvement of a partner on each client’s matter to always meet a high partner/associate ratio. Our partners’ profile is part of this model: they come from prestigious international law firms and, for most of them, graduated from a business school in addition to their law background.

Having made the choice to provide tailor-made advice, we are keen to know our clients and their environment as much as possible, which implies a relationship based on trust, built-up in the long run together with a strong and exclusive intuitu personae.

Because we consider that the value of our expertise is not necessarily proportional to time spent, this model includes a fee policy which limits the use of hourly rates.

Our independence guarantees our excellence, our flexibility, our pugnacity in the defence of the interests of our clients, and it prevents conflicts of interest. As such, we preserve a strong identity and the quality of our involvement whilst partnering with alike lawyers in other fields of expertise or abroad.